10 Cannabis Facts You Don’t Know, But Should

The effects of using marijuana are complex, and although people use it for a very wide variety of reasons, the effects are not fully understood. Different people also respond very different to these effects. To give you an idea of some lesser known facts about cannabis, and to clear up some misconceptions, here are some points that may well be news to you.


1) Cannabis impacts your brain’s capacity to concentrate, learn and remember. It has been linked to lower academic performance with prolonged use.


2) Passive smoking does not usually result in any kind of positive effect or “high”. Inhaling second hand marijuana smoke has practically no effect on the brain.

3) Eating medical marijuana in food is recommended due to cutting out the negative side effects of smoking, but this makes it very easy to accidentally overdose which brings its own dangers.

4) Marijuana is often associated with increased artistic capability, but this is not proven at all. It only gives you the illusion that you feel more creative.

5) Dogs should never be allowed to consume marijuana, as the effects on them can be potent or even deadly. It’s highly likely a dog would become ill from consuming it.

6) Cannabis is just as dangerous as alcohol if you’re planning on driving, if not more so. You’re twice as likely to have an accident after using it.

7) In recent studies, over 75% of children and young teens said they disapproved of regular marijuana use.

8) Substitutes for marijuana can be much more potent and dangerous. Spice is the most famous example, and has been linked to multiple deaths.

9) The main active chemicals found in marijuana (CBD and THC) are both being used in experimental scientific tests to treat various conditions without the need for actual medical marijuana, including nausea and seizures.

10) Marijuana has been used throughout human history. There are many examples of it being part of religious ceremonies, rather than being used primarily for recreational purposes as it is today.