Five quick and smart tips to order marijuana seeds online

Marijuana, also known as Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that can cause mood elevation, relaxation and increased appetite. In local language, these weeds can take you into a world of trance and make your go high within 15 to 30 minutes and the effect lasts for about 2 to 6 hours. There is a medical marijuana that is used as a stress and anxiety reliever drug by psyco analysts. There are numerous legal restrictions to the procurement, use, sale and shipment of marijuana across the different countries of the world as UN has declared possession of marijuana as illegal and illicit. But stating its medicinal benefits, many countries across the globe, especially North America, are trying hard to legalize its sale. Another issue that rises up is the distribution of a cheaper, synthetic alternative in the States.



Buying Marijuana Online – Things You Must Know

To buy marijuana seed online in US, marijuana seeds buyers should be informed that there are sellers with seed banks offering a wide selection of the best quality marijuana seeds. There are many marijuana seed seller companies therefore a buyer must beware of fraud online seed sellers. Normally, it is very hard to find a marijuana seed supplier in the United States.



 Ordering process

There are various ways one can protect their privacy and safely order a quality marijuana seeds package. The ideal practice here is that a business credit card with address for the business should be used when ordering a purchase online. This ensures that it is delivered to the buyer with minimum risks. It is advisable for any buyer to have a CC billing information for the seller’s convenience.

Those who use credit cards undergo a challenge as some of the vendors they buy from destroy payments made immediately after order processing. For safety, one should use pre-paid visa cards, cash or a postal money order. When the order goes through, one receives a message with the information that the order has been received together with its payment and along with it is an order number that is unique for future communication references.

Order shipment

Orders are shipped within two days after the seller has received payments. The buyer receives the information that their order has been shipped immediately it is sent out. Orders are shipped with stealth packaging to prevent the customs from finding out what is inside and there is no label of marijuana name on or inside the package.

For an order to reach to the buyer, it takes time depending on where it has been shipped from. A real name and address must be provided. However, the order can get lost so it is not a guarantee that the buyer will receive their order. The lost order is replaced with a new one right after the buyer gives the information that they did not get the order in the time they were expecting it.

Marijuana seed germination

After the buyer has received the seeds order, they need to germinate them. There is a complete PDF information detailing all the required steps to germinate the seeds. It is never a guarantee that all the seeds in the order received will germinate. There is a percentage by which if the seeds fail to germinate, the buyer should contact the seller to send them a new package. This however is a very rare case since the seller company have no way of knowing whether the buyer is taking advantage of their absence.

It is recommended that the buyer should consider purchasing female seeds as they save money and time. It saves time as they grow and mature fast. There are several types of feminized marijuana seeds a buyer can choose from depending on their preferences. Although feminized marijuana seeds are expensive initially during the first order, a smart buyer and grower of the seeds can save money by cloning the females. This prevents them from having to order the same seeds over again.