Medical benefits of cannabis



Research has shown that prescription drugs cause about 100,000 deaths in the world today every year. It has further shown that marijuana (cannabis) causes no death. This is quite surprising because most people believe that marijuana is lethal. On the contrary, cannabis is medically safe and beneficial to human health. It has been proven an effective treatment against about 200 medical conditions better than the prescription drugs. The benefits of using cannabis are more evident in the following conditions as discussed briefly below.

Epilepsy: The contents of natural cannabis have shown to be effective against spontaneous seizures in patients with epilepsy.

Multiple sclerosis: This condition affects the human muscles whereby they ache. Upon taking natural marijuana the legs and arm muscles become less painful. Though it has side effects upon consumption that is a feeling of fatigue and dizziness but this normal for most drugs.

Alzheimer’s disease: This condition leads to formation of Alzheimer’s plaques and protein clumps in the brain thereby inhibiting one’s memory and cognition. Cannabis contains an active ingredient THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) which prevents an enzyme acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme speeds the formation of Alzheimer’s plaques.

Glaucoma: This among the leading causes of blindness in the world today. Cannabis reduces the pain and relieves the optic pressure that leads to optic nerve damage.

Arthritis: Medical cannabis does not treat this condition but only relieves the pain, reduces inflammation and also induces more sleep. This makes them feel better than before.

Depression: Research has shown that for people who consume cannabis occasionally or on a daily basis, have less or even no signs of depression and also fewer somatic complaints.

Anxiety: Studies show that cannabis treats anxiety much better than the prescription drugs.

Morning sickness: From the peer reviewed study it was found out that majority of women about 92% found cannabis most effective against morning disease relative to the prescription drugs.

Hepatitis C: This is a common problem among the Americans. It is reported that about 3million Americans contract this condition every year. Cannabis serves to improve the drug therapy effectiveness. Hepatitis C medication is usually characterised by severe side effects. The use of cannabis helps achieve a sustained virological response a level where there is no sign of any virus left in the body) which is usually key in the therapy.

Cancer, HIV/AIDS and Chemotherapy: The active ingredients in cannabis, the cannabinoids are effective for persons with cancer and HIV/ AIDS as they relieve vomiting and nausea and even promote appetite for these patients. It has been approved by the officials for use since it is said to have anti-bacterial features, it also inhibits the growth of tumours and also serves to enlarge the airways thereby easing the severity of asthmatic attacks.

With the above benefits of using cannabis, the question remains why not make it legal despite the many deaths resulting from the use of prescribed drugs. Cannabis is naturally growing and if legalised it will pose a threat to the pharmaceutical industry. People will sort for a cheaper treatment by using cannabis abandoning the prescribed drugs.

The Bountiful Benefits of the Bodhi: Divine Seeds of Many Purposes

Bodhi seeds derive their bountiful benefits and meaning from the source, the Bodhi Tree, and its legendary association with the Buddha. Sanskrit texts cite the Bodhi Tree in India as the place of the Buddha’s first achieving enlightenment. As such, the seeds from the Bodhi tree are connected to Buddhism and traditional Buddhist rites such as meditation, the practice of many throughout the world but particularly in Eastern religions, as the pathway (dharma) to achieving enlightenment or Bodhi, as it is also termed in Sanskrit.

Naturally, the seeds of the Bodhi have multiple purposes and are most commonly used in Malas or meditation bracelets crafted with Bodhi seeds or beads to adorn arms or assist in reciting mantras for meditation, similar to prayer beads on a rosary. The beads, made from seeds of the Bodhi are sacred and healing by both the properties of the tree itself and the mental connections to the source of spiritual heights, the Buddha.

Though lore has it that there is only Bodhi Tree, other trees called Bodhi are actually the Pipphal tree, and modernly, Bodhi seeds come from several varietals of this fig tree known by Botanists as Ficus Religiosas. Buddhist temples are adorned with these trees symbolically hankering the original event of the Buddha Gautauma Siddhartha’s transformation from mere wandering prince to The Enlightened One. Thus, the tree’s attributed magical powers of lore such as producing rain or fertility in infertile women as well as predicting the future with the health or ill-being of the tree correlating to the state of a country’s rulers, for example. Bodhi trees are never to be cut or removed.


The seeds descended from the original tree that Buddha sat under are known as seeds from the Maha Bodhi. The rest are from Pipphal trees, though bodhi seeds used to garner beads for jewelry, such as malas, are taken from a variety of trees referred to as bodhi trees. The seeds from these bead trees produce seeds with special medicinal properties known to remedy skin ailments, ease symptoms of rheumatism and treat leprosy. They contain anti inflammatory properties and most are edible, and so Chinese medicine has traditionally contained the seeds.


Not surprising, bodhi seeds are also the catchphrase marketing mantra for a well-known seed producing company in the cannabis world. The company promotes itself as an organic seed producer of specialized genetic strains many of which are titled and themed on bodhi from plants that are marketed as looking like the hand of Buddha to qualities attributed to unclogging energy, known in Chinese as ‘chi’, so as to improve health, body, mind and spirit naturally just like Chinese medicine aims to do.

Given the anti-inflammatory properties of the bodhi tree seeds used in ancient Chinese medicines, the cannabis named plants make sense. Medicinal marijuana is documented to help ease the symptoms of sufferers of inflammatory conditions such nerve, joint and muscle pains as well as diseases like glaucoma, chronic headaches as well as ease side effects from chemotherapy, among other conditions.